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Recent I attended a round-table with Main Street Child Development Center, Fairfax Mayor David Meyer, Councilmember Janice Miller, Gerald E. Connolly, Member of Congress and many stakeholders within the childcare services industry across my district.

Child Development Center, Fairfax
Community Events-Supporting funding for Daycare Provides with 
 Gerald E. Connolly
Member of Congress

These events ensures children aren’t starting at a disadvantage, families and parents do not endure financial hardship, and that teachers and childcare workers are fairly compensated.

I have also advocated that local leaders develop a retirement plan, support better wages, and financial assistance for families to offset daycare costs. Despite daycare provides a key role in preparing a child for the future, often many are left without a good retirement plan.

Gerald E. Connolly, Member of Congress, stressed the importance that, “parents and caregivers cannot go back to work, grow our economy, and build better lives for their families unless they know their children, parents, and loved ones are safe and cared for.